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I am looking for a new vocal mic. I currently have a RODE ntk but not crazy about it. Seems a little to harsh. Any suggestions for under 500 dollars?
(style is similar to coldplay/u2 stuff.)

I was considering the Shure SM7B or avantone cv-12. Any other suggestions or thoughts?



rmsaudio Thu, 05/06/2010 - 14:40

I really like the Studio projects C1 - [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.studiopr…"]C1 - Studio Recording Microphone[/]="http://www.studiopr…"]C1 - Studio Recording Microphone[/]. For the money, I think it sounds really nice. I've used it on male and female vocals in a variety of locations (small rooms, and large areas like churches etc). I've tried it a few times on guitar and horns (Sax and Trumpet) and it does a good job there too. It's not a "Flat" sounding mic though. It has a lively sound.

I just checked the specs on your NTK. That looks like a nice mic! High SPL handling. Sound wise, I'm not sure how much it would differ from the Studio Projects C1. Maybe someone in this forum has had experience with both microphones?