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Sweetwater Vocal Mic Shootout Discussion

Sweetwater’s Lynn Fuston and Mark Hornsby with the help of Millennia HV-3R mic preamps, a few assistants and two studio vocalists, evaluated 50 vocal mics at their Russ Berger-designed Studio A.

The goal was to make vocal recordings with the fewest possible variables and the cleanest signal path. These recordings allow listeners to compare over $80,000 worth of microphones.

Great care was taken in positioning and calibrating the mics. Two incredible studio vocalists consistently sang the same part over and over. You can read about how they did it here:

Describing the setup, Lynn Fuston said, “All mics were recorded using the incredibly clear and transparent Millennia HV-3R mic preamp. I've used dozens of preamps during my career and Millennia was absolutely my first choice when it came to auditioning all these mics.”

You can hear the results at:

You don’t have to conduct a rigorously controlled science experiment to appreciate the difference that the clear, uncolored Millennia HV-3 preamps can make, but if you decide to, Millennia is the clear choice.
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Vocal Mic Shoot-out (Neumann, Blue, RODE, Audio-Technica, ADK, Shure

(Neumann U87ai & U89i, RODE K2, Blue Blueberry, ADK Vienna au12, Audio-Technica 4050 & 4040, Shure sm57)

Music by: Israel and NewBreed "Jesus at The Center"

Each Channel has no EQ, and was clipped gained in PT10 to get the same level. The TUBE-TECH CL1B Plugin was put on each channel in addition toa touch of Reverb (R-Verb) as well. Each Mic was recorded At Berklee College of Music (Studio C) and was ran through the Neve 1073 Mic Pre and The A/D DigiDesign 192.

Special Thanks To Christine Smit (@Christinee_Noel) for singing this a million and one times.

Need vocal mic advice for tenor (progressive rock)

Hello all. I'm new here and would appreciate any professional advice.

I'm a Tenor vocalist most recently with the progressive rock group, Stride. I've got an individual who has decided to fund some equipment for a new album I'm working on, and considering I'm going to need a couple of good preamps, and AD/DA, it's got my budget a little tight.

I've recorded in studios for years and have used many of the top flight mics. Strangely enough one of my better sounds (or so I thought) was from a Groove Tube GT67. I liked it since my high register can be a little shrill at times, and it seemed to have a nice warmth and fatness that helped, but wasn't quite up to par... However, My last session with the Neumann U87ai really did a fantastic job warming my voice up. So here's the question...

I can afford to buy the 87, but it really constrains my budget. Can anybody make some suggestions for a mic that can give a sometimes shrill and brassy tenor vocalist good quality warmth for around $1000.00?

I've looked at a lot of them and want to make this purchase really count. Problem is that I'm not finding that crisp and warm sound that my voice needs aside from the 87.

Below is a couple of link to a few of my songs with Stride. Hopefully it will give an idea of the voice for reference. Thanks in advance.

Cheap vocal microphone

I'm selling my RODE NT-USB, and I'd like to replace it with a proper XLR mic to go with my new audio interface. I was thinking along the lines of the RODE NT1 or the RODE NT2-a (probably out of those two I'd go for the RODE NT1). However, would it be better to get some other mic for that price range - would a dynamic mic like the Sure SM7B be better for my untreated room, although I'd also like to be able to use that same mic in the future as a drum overhead (and obviously I wouldn't be able to do that with a dynamic mic). But of course, if a dynamic mic would be far better as a vocal mic, I might have to go for that. Or are there any other mics that I should really consider?

Best STUDIO Vocal Microphone Under $250

Looking for the best bang for the buck vocal microphone under $250 street price for used ones tops. Prefer closer to $200.
This is all I can afford so please just give recommendations to what I am asking. I won't save up more, I already did so, my original budget was for $100 mic, but I saved up for a $200-250 one.

I have done some research, but I am still stumped.
This will be a in-studio microphone only. Will not be taking on gigs.
Does matter to me if it's a condenser or dynamic. Polar pattern doesn't matter too much either.
My room is treated, so most mics should be fine.

I know I should go to my local store and audition them myself, but just seeking recommendations first from experienced users.

Music genre involves R&B singing and rap. Male vocalist (deeper voice, but not that deep), but would like to be good for female vocals aswell.
Would also be nice if an acoustic guitar would also sound pretty good through the mic.

Best Vocal Microphone Under $120

I will be singing (R&B, Reggae, even doing acoustics) and rapping (Hip Hop and Rap). Not exactly sure what you would consider my voice to be like, but I assume, deep/low when rapping and higher when singing. I'm just starting out so hopefully you guys can give me some advice on what mic I should get for my vocal work. I do also plan to record some of my ukulele and acoustic guitar playing, so would be nice if the mic was good at recording those aswell.
And thanks to the guys answering on my last thread. I got the Focusrite Scarlette 2i2 audio interface.

I know there are other factors to a good sounding recording, but based on the info. I have given, what would be your recommendations for Dynamic and/or Condenser mics that would suit me best.

People suggest the Shure SM57 and SM58. They are great, but upon research and comparisons I have heard on youtube, I think there are others out there in the same price range that can do better for vocals.
For example, I prefered the sound from a AKG D5 over them. Again, I am new, so it might not be as good for my particualr voice/style. I do not know.
So I know the Shure SM57 and SM58 are the AK's of microphones, and I would most likely own one in the future, but for now, best sound quality is what I am after.

The microphone would almost exclusively only be used in my small home recording. I won't be moving it around much and won't be taking to gigs or anything.

I am hoping to get the best, clearest good sound recording I can get from a under $120 (each) microphone, new or used.
I have looked up some, but the mics talked about are years old and there may be newer and better mics out (not saying the old ones are not good).

I sort of prefer a more natural/flat sound so most people's listening experience would sound the same. (Is that correct? Or is a flat sound just not having bumps/character?)

Well, anyways, I would appreciate it, if you could make a list of your top 3 or 4 (for my needs) under $120.

Appreciate the help guys.

Poll: vocal microphone shootout

I'm looking for a new vocal microphone, and I could really use your help to figure out the one that works best on my voice. So I've set up a poll to see which mic people like most from my my shootout. I ran the mic shootout at the local recording studio, but I used my own Echo Audiofire Pre8 preamps (cause that's all I own). I think my ears or tired or something and I can't tell the difference too much.

So here is the link to the anonymous files. Can you please let me know which one you like best? Even better, if you could tell me what you like about it, I would appreciate it. All I hear is low-end, or highend- should I be looking for the clarity of the consonants sound or something? Dynamic range?
(If your internet browser doesn't automatically download the files, you can click on the link, right-click on each of the files, and click Download)

Anyway, I'll release the names of the microphones once people start to submit their choices. I will say that there are some big names and then there is also my crappy mike in there. There are 4 microphones (E, F, G, H) and there are two performances (1 is a Jack Johnson song, and 2 is a song of my own).

P.S. if anyone has any suggestions about how better to present the shootout, just let me know.
P.P.S. these are the raw aif's. So they're not level matched. For instance, microphone F is louder than the rest (sorry for the inconvenience).

Best way to combat vocal mic bleed in live scenario?

Hey there, I play in a 2 person metal band and lately during rehearsals we have run into high bleed on the mic. I'm using a Shure Beta58.
I have tried multiple positions around the room to eliminate bleed, and so far have reduced it a little If it matters, we use a rectangle room covered in sound paneling, extra sound blocking baffles on one wall (behind drumset) to the left, Guitar amp to the right, with vocals in the middle. We are running one vocal mic (in the middle) to the mixer then to a JBL aeon 300 Pa system. Also i have already gated the microphone to only open when there is loud noise directed right at it.

Thank you for your help. I have a show tonight duh

Choosing a vocal mic

Hey guys I am right now working on choosing the best vocal mic for my voice and I have three that I am auditioning right now
here are the clips I have recorded of the mics please let me know which you think suits my voice best.

[=""]Sm7faraway by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]Sm7faraway by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/] with the flat settings
[[url=http://="http://soundcloud.c…"]Sm7pboost&brolloff by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]Sm7pboost&brolloff by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/] with the bass roll off and presence boost
[=""]SM7b bassrolloff by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]SM7b bassrolloff by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/] with just bass rolled off

Kel Audio Song Sparrow
[[url=http://="http://soundcloud.c…"]Songsparrow 7-8inch by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]Songsparrow 7-8inch by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]

Kel Audio HM-1x
http://soundcloud.c…"]Hm1x 7-8inch by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]Hm1x 7-8inch by Adam Mishan on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]