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I've used a couple of mastering engineers over the years but have been using one more recently over the last year, he is someone I know too.

Today Ive just sat down to put a compilation of mastered songs together (level matching them myself).

I noticed that the (digital 16bit/mfit24bit) files he has been giving me are peaking lots lower (-6Db) than the CD version files (for Cd duplication only) .

He told me that the CD version mmaster is diffrent to the 16bit/24bit one. . but -6 Db seems alot?

The other mastering engineers that I use, have only supplied me with one digital master 16 bit or 24 bit id i want MFIT file. These files usualy peak near to 0 DB.

I'm a bit mythed and frustrated that I maybe being told a load of BS?

Ive took a picture of the Wavesof the tracks track is the CD version, one track is the 16 bit digital release, and one is a 16 but master by another engineer.

Any help apreciated

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pcrecord Sat, 08/04/2018 - 13:24

I'm no mastering engineer and I'd be glad to be corrected if I'm wrong here.
I'm surprised no one told you about LUFS metering.
LUFS is the new way of making sure our audio files are adapted to there media destination. (CD, Youtube, Streaming, video, movies etc..)
I use Fabfilter Pro L2 limiter which includes LUFS metering. I normally put the output to -0.5 to -1 dBTP (which protects from digital errors when converting to different formats)
This means some peaks will go to -1db but it's only a fraction of what is important.
I will use LUFS metering to ajust the various level changed in relation to peaks and the compression applied to the signal
A CD will be around -12 to -8 LUFS and streaming around -13 LUFS or quieter.

I encourage you to research LUFS, it's a way better tool than just peaks...