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Hey everyone. Title says it all. How could i import guitar tracks from Pro Tools into a garage band session so i can do the drums in garage band. Also. How can i have it so i can record real instruments with garage band if i have a digi002. Cause whenever i set up a real instrument track i have no idea how to and where to hook up the digi002 or activate it so i can just have my mics and controls from the digi002 right into garage band. Or if this is not possible how do i hook this kidna configuration up so i can record real instruments in garage band. thanks everyone as always. Help would be awesome. thanks


anonymous Wed, 12/13/2006 - 13:59

I don't know if this i what you mean when you say you want to import tracks into GB, but surely you can just bounce whatever guitar tracks you want down into 1 file and then drag into GB as an audio track. Or if you also want to have each guitar track available to you in GB, locate the files in your pro tools folder and drag them across into your GB session.

If that's not what you meant, you can also ReWire pro-tools and Garageband, so that you can have both programs linked up and running simultaneously.