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hello everyone,

when connecting the output of a MONO device (guitar/di box etc) ie a 1/4" mono jack plug to the 1/8" stereo 'line in' of a sound card is the mono signal wired so as to 'split' it between the 2 stereo channels or is it just fed into 1 channel leaving the other 'open'?

i've been told that there is a 1/4" mono to 1/8" stereo adaptor plug you can buy (i've tried everywhere).

also i understand that by using an ordinary 1/8" mono adaptor it will 'short out' one of the sound cards channels & possibly do damage - is this true?

can anyone please enlighten me? - ramzoid.


anonymous Wed, 02/16/2005 - 04:03

thank you for your reply,

appreciate what you have said.


1) cannot find a 1/4" mono -> 1/8" stereo adaptor anywhere (inc radio shack).

2) by using a 1/4" mono -> 1/8" mono this would 'short out' one of the stereo channels - would this cause any damage to my sound card?

thanks - ramzoid.

anonymous Wed, 02/16/2005 - 12:11

1) my bad... i was thinking of stereo -> mono... yes, i don't think they have mono -> stereo.

2) no, it would not 'short out' one of the stereo channel and wouldn't cause any damage to ur sound card. your soundcard would just recognize it as mono.
if ur trying to record guitar or bass, it's fine to record in mono (depending on the software, u can usually change the ins to mono).
if ur trying 2 record keys in stereo, it's a different story...

well, that's my 2 cents tho...

anonymous Tue, 02/22/2005 - 20:09

First of all you can't just hook up your guitar to the line inputs on your soundcard unless your soundcard have a High-Z imput (which is always mono anyway) your DI can't be hooked up to your line imputs becouse there output is too low and should go through a preamp and then into your soundcard line in. The cheapest option for you would be to buy an Amp modeler (Line6,Korg, Behringer or any other) they normaly have line outs which would then go into your soundcard line in. And they would be stereo as well!