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Tascam 16x08 vs. ps 1818vsl etc, need some input please!

I read a post from a while ago about the 1818vsl and us-1800 . I really loved your insight. (Donny Thompson)

I am buying my 1st pre and looking at the PreSonus 1818vsl, Tascam 16x08 and the tc 2020.

I am using AKG clip mics on the toms, D112 /bass/ sure 57s/snare/sure condensoers for hi hat and over head.

the kit is 8,10,12,14,16,22,14, total of 11 mics all tolled.
I would like to know in your opinion if the 16x08 will be able to push the mics (gain) based on your comment about how 57s need more "boost" from the preamp as compared to some other mics.

[SOLVED] No sound input being detected by Nuendo


I am having issues setting up my sound for my software, am a bit of a noob with this and am really confused why it won't work.

So my audio interface is a Fireface UFX. I have the microphone going to AN 3/4, and my main output is the default which is AN 1/2.

The UFX is showing sound and i checked by sending it to my main, and my microphone output was coming out of my speakers - so i definitely have sound. On that end.

This is the mixer so you can see how its all set up:

ISA instrument input (Di) vs. external Di ?

Hi guys !
I've been asking myself this for a while. Most boutique preamps have Di inputs but I'd like to know if it would sound better to use an external Di plugged in the mic input of the same Di.

I mostly use my ISA Di for bass and sometime to for guitar direct sound (as a backup). I found the ISA to sound good, but I just not want to be missing having a better sound for a couple of hundred box...

Should I invest in a good external Di like Radial's if so which one would you recommand ?

Seeking clarification on Zoom R16 1/4" input jack in XLR combo plug: Balanced or not?

Hello All:

I have a very simple question regarding the Zoom R16 XLR combo input jacks.

The Zoom R16 documentation appears to state that when you use an XLR connection to the combo jack, it is a balanced signal. The documentation is not so clear on whether the 1/4" port provides a balanced TRS connection. If I could find a schematic of the input bus for the R16, the answer would be easy to see.

Need input on room simulation

Hi all..

I'm doing a rocker for this next song on the album I'm engineering...

This is definitely not a "clean / studio" sound I'm after here. I'm looking for a sort of "trashy" vibe to it, particularly on drums, but... I'd rather use just one reverb on everything to emulate the vibe of a band playing all at once in the same space.

Is there a particular room sound, or more specifically - certain settings - that you guys lean towards when mixing something like this?

Which 4- or 8 input interface for me?

My PCI interface on my trusty M-Audio Delta 44 is getting deprecated, so it is about time to invest in a new interface.

Firewire is going away soon, and Thunderbolt is too expensive, so USB it is. I am using a Windows 7 PC and Cubase 5.

I have used up to 4 microphones (SM57, SM58, Beta58 and GA-1 condensor mic). It could be nice to have the option of using 8 mics for a drum kit, but it is not a requirement. I use a MIDI drum kit in my studio right now.

Mic - Preamp - Compressor - Audio Interface (Low Input Signal vs. High Hiss Noise)

All the while, I recorded my vocal & instruments like guitar directly from the Mics (condenser & dynamic) to the Audio Interface.
And, recently, grabbed a preamp + compressor for recording. Sound is good! In fact, facing an issue ~ Low Input Signal BUT High Hiss Noise Level! This makes me spent a big times to tweak the Denoiser + Expander + Noise Gate to reduced the Hiss Noise. Indeed, quality/colour of the recorded audio like guitar, cello... not as sweet & pretty like the source anymore after the tweaked!

Did my Rat pedal blow my input tube?

A week or so ago I was jamming with my BYOC Mouse pedal (vintage Rat clone) and at points I had the volume and gain at full into my JCM800 2203 100w head. The amp was fine then, but then I switched to my 808 OD pedal and played for a little bit and then I heard a pop sound and the amp got really quiet. On a hunch I swapped the input tube for one I had lying around and the amp came back to normal. I know the 808 wouldn't blow the input tube, especially how I was running it with the gain off, but the Rat pedal is new to me and I had it dialed pretty extremely.



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