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I was wondering if any body knows if you can use pre existing programes to load into the roland expansion vs8 f board or deos the exiting companys such as IK make special plugins. I already own a lot of the programmes that roland is now supporting but I need some more info before purchasing this new expansion board :?


Randyman... Tue, 11/16/2004 - 17:56

The Roland requires its own proprietary versions of the Plug-ins to run on the VS8F3 (typical Roland). Sorry...

But, I was informed that the plugs' algorithms are IDENTICAL to the TDM versions, but the VS8F3 can NOT read the TDM plugs direclty.

Goto for TONS of killer info on the Roland recorders (I, too, have a 2480, and hang out there often). I'm looking into replacing it with a Laptop/FW interface - as I'm getting really sick of Rolands proprietary & selfish practices... The DVD version of the 2480 is a joke IMO (the DVD only allows "backing up" project data, you can NOT export or import waves from the DVD, nor can you write a DVD-Audio disc of any kind).

It is a cool unit, but I'm moving on, and dedicationg the 2480 to jam-rom PA use (makes one hell of a live mixer!).