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Hi, new here. Question about recording. I am all analog. Using a Yamaha MC2404 as my main console with various inputs. Live mics for my daughters band, various tape decks and turntable for music input. I want to connect this mixer to another one to use as a recording console. I have a Yamaha MC802 Fostex 450 and a Behringer SL2442FX and want to record to various tape decks and CD. I have many reel-to-reel decks from 2-24 channel, various cassette decks, and CD recorder. Would like to use the 24 channel Behringer as the main record console and maybe hook the Yamaha 802 or Fostex up to it as well with other decks connected to them. So I have 4 group outs, 2fb outs, and 2 echo outs on the 2404. What would be the best way to connect it to any of the other mixers?

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Jim a Fri, 07/06/2018 - 15:57

bouldersound, post: 458120, member: 38959 wrote: There are so many ways to connect those things that it's impossible to answer your question. It really depends on what your priorities are. I suspect a patch bay will come in handy.

I have many patch bays I am using with my main console and my recording racks. I am trying to connect 2-24 track reel to reel decks for recording. I have no problem with up to 8 tracks but over that is where I am having trouble trying to connect them up. I can input all 24 channels of course but trying to record channel to channel over 8 is my problem.