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Greetings. I'm looking for a filter or tool that can remove the music from a live video source (e.g., a NASA broadcast), while leaving the voices and non-musical noises. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to remove/mute enough of the music to avoid triggering YouTube's copyright detection, and not mess up the voices too much. To be clear: I'm not trying to circumvent copyright rules. I'm trying to remove potentially-copyrighted incidental background music from an otherwise copyright-free broadcast. This is my "holy grail". The human brain can easily distinguish between music and speech, and can "filter" out the music in order to focus on the words. Surely there must be a way to do this programmatically, possibly with some sort of AI processing. A simple frequency filter is not sufficient; there are too many common frequencies between voice and music. There could even be a processing delay of a few seconds; it doesn't have to be an instantaneous filter - but the "scrubbed" audio output needs to be sync'able with the video.

Does such a filter or tool exist? I'd even be willing to pay a clever audio-knowledgeable programmer to develop one. I myself am a developer, but I have no knowledge of audio algorithms or AI.


paulears Fri, 09/03/2021 - 23:59

I’m a fan of SpectraLayers and it is very good at this kind of thing, but it does mangle what’s left to a degree, and of course success depend on the source material. I don’t quite get your reasoning though? A few of my videos get picked up by their rights ID system but out of those only a small number get blocked, so is this not acceptable. If it impacts on any monetization you are hoping for, that wont work because you cannot monetize NASA material. It’s ok to use, but not if you make money from it? 

have I misunderstood? If one of the tracks is one of the banned ones, then NASA would have their own video on YouTube ruined?

tinydog Wed, 09/08/2021 - 13:13

kmetal paulears audiokid Thanks for the suggestions! I've heard of Izotope; not the other products. I'll check them out. For my purposes, the audio filter needs to be able to process a live audio stream; the removal of the music has to be done on-the-fly, not in post-production.

paulears Occasional Content ID hits are manageable, and can usually be removed using YouTube's editor. However, sometimes YouTube is unable to remove the sound or trim the segment. This happens with long videos (3+ hours), and even with some shorter videos for reasons unknown. Case in point, last week I streamed a 9-hour Russian spacewalk. When the spacewalk preview animation played, it had background music. I knew from experience that it would be copyrighted, so I rushed to dub over the audio with copyright-free music. However, I was too slow. Now there's a copyright claim for 62 seconds of stupid background music, amidst a 9-hour video. I'll never be able to remove the claim, because the video is much too long for YouTube to edit. I'll either have to leave the claim there forever; or download the video, edit out or replace the copyrighted music, re-upload it, and delete the original stream (thus losing all of my views and comments). Most of my streams are not monetized though, so why should I care if there's a copyright claim? Because lingering claims can put my overall channel monetization in jeopardy. In the past I was demonetized at least twice, and while YouTube didn't deign to give me the details of exactly why, persistent copyright claims could have been a factor.

websiteee Thu, 10/14/2021 - 01:06

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