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I'm a conservatory student, and I need to record a piece for 2 multi-percussionists. The instrumentation is 2 bass drums, 4 toms, 2 snare drums (snares off), 4 bongos, 6 woodblocks, and 2 pieces of metal (VERY loud, and only used at the end of the piece).
Luckily, I can record in my school's beautiful, gigantic concert hall, but I have to record it myself. Also luckily, I'm already an amateur at it. I have an ST55 Sterling Audio cardoid mic, and a friend of mine has a 6 condensers that he's willing to let me use. I also have a 96kHz audio interface (with 8 inputs).
The question: Mic placement? I'm very concerned about making sure the width of the the stereo is massive. Performer 1 should be on the left, performer 2 on the right. I was thinking of placing 3 condensers on each performer. Should I buy another mic to pick up the reverb of the room (one of the best acoustically designed places on my coast) and leave the other mics closer? I've never recorded percussion before.

Thanks in advance!