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Oh Ya! 2 Bricasti M7's are better than one lol:

I just did a mix for a guy on the slutz for fun. Spent a few hours, that's it. I didn't get all the track either so a bit is missing from the original. Not trying to get too involved but it was more to play with the second M7 that I just added. Listen to the drums on this compared to ITB. It was so easy to do this.

Original :

My mix with Bricasti :


These things are glorious.


audiokid Fri, 06/21/2013 - 23:30

Exaggerated for the purpose of hearing the difference.

So we can hear whats happening, here is another mix where I turned one of the Bricasti's off and on during the print. I'm using one for a plate and the other for large space. I create the space with reflections using a plate, then open it up further with a larger space with no reflections on the second one. So basically its a smaller space inside an auditorium or between a mountain outside. The reflection are then timed so they grab each other and flow. Killer! To give up a bit more tricks here, I use a Dangerous S&M to make room for the vox in the center, this allows me to use outside space for the verbs. This takes a squashed ITB mix and makes it huge. Then, mono the bass freq below 100hz almost 100%. Press it down with an SSL G comp and this is what ya get.

Thanks for the like Dave!