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Last year I purchased the Seventh Circle Chasis, A12, & N72 in kit form. Put them together, no problems, sounds and works extremely well. I plan on filling the chassis with one more of each for pairs of each pre. Just curious if anyone out there uses or have used the J99. I know the John Hardy based pre's are supposed to be excellent. Can anyone summarize what to expect from these preamps?

As a sidenote: if anyone is considering these preamps I highly recommend them. If your into building your own gear, it is a great project that has proven to be very usable in many many situations.

I am also open to the idea of anyone who wants to contribute to my additions of gear. If you want to send a non-deductable, no refunds, check or via paypal money, feel free. This will help me to further my addiction for gear that contains blinking lights, meters, and knobs of all shapes. - hey I can try right? :D

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Reggie Thu, 09/14/2006 - 07:15

J99 is pretty smooth and clean, but kind of a "warm" clean. If I want a vocal to sound "pretty," it is the one I reach for. Also really good for bass DI and I hear it is good for ribbons. Some dude on the SCA forum recorded some samples of the J99 and the C84 that kind of give you an idea of the differences. I think his name was yavuz or something weird.

Ah, here it is:

PS: I will not be sending you any money at the moment.