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I found this interesting and entertaining so here ya go. It was pretty hard to hear the subtle detail on a youtube but to me they sounded close but the ai was sightly brighter. Interesting to hear how everyone hears things different. I like the fact they had a women's ears in this too. Women tend to be less tolerant to upper mids and she chose the ai.
I never heard any low freq bump but the audio clip wouldn't be producing this (well) anyway. Either one could be EQ'd to fit I'm sure. The higher output on the ai has what effect you to the sound think? Sometimes its nice to let the micpre work hard. They used a Hardy micpre. Dave, you have one yes? I do want one indeed!

My overall pic was the ai but I also shared the Britt's table on this too. hmm. The ai did sound "more radio" to me as well. I like the i on the acoustic but wished they would have tuned it a bit better and played it more accurately between the two.

Second listen, I did here the warmer fullness sound to the i so there you go... There is an apparent bump in the low end.

Whats your favourite?

Enjoy :)


Davedog Thu, 11/10/2011 - 18:07

I dont have a real Hardy at the moment but I do have a pre I can drop in any opamp and trannie that I want and I do have a 990c op-amp as well as a Jensen 110 trannie, so in essence a Hardy M1 though I think theres another stage in his stuff.

I liked the old mic better. The older mic has a smoothness that I didnt hear in the newer mic. However they both had that Neumann thing going on that most other mics simply dont exhibit. I did like the Ai on the acoustic guitar just a touch better. But here, when I'm doing a keeper acoustic track, I'll put my U87 right about where they had theirs and I'll add an SDC below the upper bout and angle it according to how much soundhole I'm looking for in the guitar sound. So, for me, the older mic, which had the better low end response is perfect my set up as I'm getting more of the high end from another mic on acoustic.

Davedog Thu, 11/10/2011 - 20:56

Yeah I do have to crank it a bit more for the older model than I've had to for the newer ones.

Heres the funny part about that. When Gotham Audio was the importer of Neumann to the states back in the 70's and 80's, they added a choke to the 87's because they said the output was too hot for the American built consoles at the time.

All of that circuit has been removed from mine when it went to visit Klaus Heyne. He cleaned it and brought it to original specs. It does sound different than most others I've heard. Maybe its just a good mic. Whatever it is, I love the thing and its been one of my best bargains as I'm not into it really heavy.