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Hi there,

The question I have is with the microphone that we want use with the Sony FDR-AX100 video camera.


I currently do audio / video recording at a spiritual organization in India. For audio recording we use Sony PCM D100 (details here) with built in microphones & also use an external microphone with the same recorder, which is Sony C800GPAC (details here).

We tried many microphones and finalized these because they do capture the voice of the speaker close to the original voice. We only have one speaker and his voice has lot of base in it. We like these microphones very much unless we find others that can capture the voice much closer to the original voice.

Question details:

The question I have is with the microphone that we want use with the Sony FDR-AX100 video camera. We use an external lavaliere microphone but it does not capture the voice as well as we want it to. So we are looking for a better alternative that can record audio as well as the two microphones mentioned above. So please recommend microphones that I can use with this camera (mostly lavaliere or wireless is fine as well) that captures audio close to the original as we found with the above two.

Thank you



anonymous Tue, 02/03/2015 - 01:09

This looks like a beautiful handycam .

While our experience with the FDR-AX100 was mostly pleasant, there are a few issues that keep it from being perfect. The first thing would be to include an adapter for the built-in hot shoe so that you can attach non-powered accessories like a field monitor or an external microphone.

dvdhawk Mon, 02/09/2015 - 08:51

I'm sorry to say, your question is entirely too vague to get any concrete suggestions.

Do you have a past video you can post a link to for us to use as reference?

If not, set the scene for us. Describe the nature of the recording, the size and characteristics of the venue, the shortcomings of what you're using now, the end product. The Sony equipment you're using now indicates you're not very concerned about budget, but there are countless world-class studio vocal mics that can accurately capture a deep baritone voice at 1/10 the cost. So, we're left to guess what extenuating circumstances are making this so difficult.

Is there a live audience present during these recordings? (if so, how large is the audience)
Which takes precedent, the audience, or the recording?

Do you have any other audio devices between the mics you're using and the camera? (active mixer, passive mixer, etc.)
Is there any way to actively adjust the tone/EQ of these mics?
Is the D100 running inline with the camera, or recording independently?
Is the camera stationary during the video, panning / tilting / zooming from a tripod, or roaming handheld?

The C800GPAC isn't particularly discrete, how is it positioned in relationship to the gentleman doing the speaking?
How important are the aesthetics?
Is keeping the mic out of the shot, or unobtrusive a factor?

Are you recording a spiritual/worship service in a house of worship, or temple, an instructional-video in a conference room, a program in a small TV studio, YouTube videos, or podcasts in your home?


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