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2 Buss Comp/Limiter

Looking at a couple of comp/limiters for the 2-bus... I'm currently using a pair of RNC's in "fine mode", a DL251 or a 166 depending on the project/song.

I believe I'm really in need of a dedicated unit... so far the short list is comprised of L2, PL-2, C2 and the 1968ME.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

I need a really versatile unit that can do the subtle glue to down right aggressive slammin' limiter. (I mix everything under the sun.)




Cucco Sat, 08/26/2006 - 12:28
Hey Max -

Since you're considering the L2 - I would strongly recommend the Waves Maxx BCL. It's a dedicated external limiter (supposedly the L2, but I can tell you from personal experience this is NOT the L2 - it's smoother and more transparent!) It also has the renaissance compressor built in (which I haven't really used at all) and the Maxx Bass. Normally I'm opposed to such toys, but I must admit, when used tastefully, the Maxx Bass can really put just that LAST little bit into the sound. (not appropriate for all mixes, of course.)

Not only that, it has AD and DA built in - GOOD ADDA at that. I mean REALLY good. I would take the converters in this unit over Apogee and a few other expensive guys any day!

Besides - it is named the *MAXX BCL* - that should be a selling point for you right there!

Understand though - this is a clean unit. If you want a colorful, flavorful unit, you must look elsewhere.


MadMax Mon, 08/28/2006 - 15:32
Sounds intriguing!

So, will it glue a 2-bus together say... like an 1176 or a C2, but w/o the color?

Of course I wanna test drive whatever I buy, but as colorful most AE's get with descriptions, I hope to narrow it down a bit...

I just can't see putting all those units on the CC... not only will the Mrs stroke out, I'm afraid that if I got all of em' here at once, my card would either have a massive heart attack or would hemmorage to death cause I wouldn't part with a single one! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

But as you say... it ought to me a good Maxx match!!

(That hurt didn't it?)