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25 to Life - my first Hip Hop Song

First I'd like to say that I'm a newbie here, I have read the rules of this part of the forum, and I was delighted that this is for real musicians with real instruments and real equipment.

I was a member of the UK musicians union for many years and their motto is Keep Music Live, and so it is that this song is my first of many that I'll post here for honest, constructive critique, even if you don't care for the genre, any improvements will be considered, not necessarily undertaken...producer's perogative I guess.

I have embarked on a project over the last 2 years called 'Genre Jumping' each song is a different genre, with the aI'm of improving my mixing and production skills/techniques.

This one is entirely new to me, never rapped before, never done anything like this...the LVoice is a bit pushed through Soundtoys Decaptitator to give it a more raw feel, due to the content, it's not clipping...

I only use vsti's when I can't play the instrument, or the drumming is too hard for me, everything is me, including production.

From a production angle there are 72 tracks including submix busses, using bx_townhouse then shadow hills comps on the 2Buss.

If you want more info about instruments, plugs please ask.

Read the song notes for more detail.



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