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Altec 436b problem

There's no "Tech Help" forum on this site, but this is the "Gear" forum, so I'll try here. I have several pieces of old Altec tube gear, all of which have been put back into "like new" condition. Unfortunately, the compressor, a 436b, has started distorting no matter how I set the single gain control and no matter what level signal I send into the input. Its not full on fuzz, its just that each individual note breaks up a little. (I'm using it on bass guitar). In between notes, the compressor is as quiet as any 40 year old tube unit. How can I determine what is causing this breakup? (I have finally found a great equipment tech, but he hasn't gotten near working on the last thing I dropped off, so this compressor ain't gonna be serviced for at least a few months. The good techs are always backed up. ) This unit is so amazingly simple that there can only be a limited number of possibilities as to what's wrong. Any suggestions on how to safely narrow down the potential causes of the trouble? I've got a multimeter, a copy of the schematic and lots of time to kill before my tech will be available, can anyone point me in the right direction?


Steve :confused:


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