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Real Analog Synths (Roland SH-101, Access Virus A, SCI six-trak): [MEDIA=soundcloud]valentinobosi/crystal[/MEDIA]
Recs: MOTU 896 MK3, Radial Eng Direct Box.
Mixed and mastered ITB on Ableton Live.
I know it sounds amateur-ish. please I would love some feedback.


DonnyThompson Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:52

Here on RO, We prefer that songs uploaded for critique incorporate some microphones for recording. We're not saying you can't use samples/synths, but we do require that at least one track of the song has an actual performance recorded using a mic.
You'd be better off to search out a forum that caters more towards electronic productions, a place that is more midi/sequenced based. You'll likely get far more interest and critique on one of those forums than you will here.

DonnyThompson Mon, 06/12/2017 - 04:06

In the future, If you do end up incorporating tracks recorded with mics into your productions, you'd be better off to upload the audio files directly to RO, using the "Upload A File" feature located just to the right of the "Post Reply" button at the bottom of the text window.
Doing so wil attract more interest, as potential listeners won't have to link away from RO to listen. The RO media player can support files up to 12 meg, so for a song of typical length, you can use the highest res MP3, which is currently 320 Kbps.
Generally, our members don't like to link away from here because it's inconvenient, and because it can be risky to go to a site they aren't familiar with. On top of that, Souncloud in particular is notorious for lossy artifacts, and can lower audio quality. a streaming site, posts linking to SC can be suspected of wanting to simply "up" a play count. Your best bet is to use ROs player.
Remember to give the file you are uploading time to load. Bigger files take longer, and the load time is also dependent upon your own local connection speed.