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hey guys...My name is Abe. First time poster, first day member, long time reader. .haha, don't ask me why it took so long. i guess i finally just have a question i haven't read thoroughly about on here...

Ok, here's my situation...I have been given a lot of gigastudio samples, more than I would ever know what to do with! this guy decided to stop using them, because the only thing he ever used was the piano, and he just bought synthogy ivory. .with that said

i'd like to take advantage of these. i have no sampler program yet.

i know that kontakt can import all the gigastudio files, and do much more. i know it has a lot of features. but am i losing anything GS3O has to offer by going this route?

Also, I'm not a hip hop per, so i won't be doing drums on my sampler. I just will basically be using electric pianos and organs and pianos and strings. maybe a few other things, but i can't really imagine. eventually, i would like to get ivory and b4 and some things like that, but right now, i don't have the money to shell out on that stuff.

what would you do, and what should I do?

thank you guys so much for the help

ALSO: The guy that gave me the samples said that gigastudio needs it's own computer to run properly. he said, you can use it in the same computer as audio, but after a while, things start to act funny, because it has something running in the background at all times and is completely hidden. he would know, haha, because he does testing for them.

SO, would the kontakt 2 save me from having to have a dedicated computer to host it and its samples? or would i need a separate unit just like GS3O?

thanks again

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