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Hi guys! I just jumped from "tech talk" to see what's happening on other forums and have question, maybe stupid, but let me ask.
I'm working as producer and artist, have my 6 albums and many albums for other artists in Balkan region. Problem or question is that I really have a mastering problem, when I do it by software (Mac). I tried t-racks, Wavesand some other plugs, but Its sound poor, compared to some analog gear I tried. unfortunately in my studio I have just tc m-5000 with md2 option, as hardware option but that sounds to sterile for my taste. (maybe I use it wrong?) I'm in some kind of strong pop, dance, world music and really need some advice.
I tried few times to send my mixes outside of country (Swiss, G.B...) and that was close (good sound but "misunderstood with music"). Maybe I have to sit an listen when guy is making, but I really hate when somebody is doing same to me...
So I decided to use my colleague studio (good monitoring, M3,PMC, nice ears) for this purpose, with my Mac. What software? :confused:


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Thomas W. Bethel Tue, 03/09/2004 - 03:00
When I started our mastering business we were all Mac based. We invested heavily in Sonic Solutions and had Digidesign's Sound Tools. The Sonic bit the dust when we could not get any support from Sonic and the support options kept getting smaller and the cost kept getting higher.(We lost a considerable amount of money in the process) Sound Tools bit the dust when Digidesign decided to not support it any longer as a platform and did not issue any more upgrades (too bad because in many ways it was a wonderful editor for classical music that we were recording)

We looked a Bias Peak and found it a nice program but it was originally designed for editing samples and not for longer material. It is now a fairly good program but Wavelab for the PC blows it away.

We also looked at SPARK and Protools but again were not really blown away by their features and or editing so we went with a PC and Wavelab for all our mastering and have never regretted that decision.

If I get the money someday I would like to own a SADIE which I consider to be one of the best mastering platforms around but it is also for the PC.

I too just heard that Waveburner was pulled from the line up for some unknown reason. Hopefully someone somewhere will make a really good audio editor for the MAC but I think the chances are rather slim. It just does not have the user base to make it worthwhile writting a really good program for less than 10% of the total computer users worldwide.

Now if you are talking VIDEO then the Mac Final Cut Pro is one of the most used video editors around.

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Michael Fossenkemper Mon, 03/15/2004 - 03:57
I wrote an email to emagic asking how much it would cost to buy their dropped waveburner pro. They responded saying that it's not dropped and they are in developement of an OSX version. That's all they can say. So maybe it is insight. I guess now that apple owns them, they aren't allowed to talk about anything under developement.