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Need some mixing advice for Electronic Project

I am trying to finish my own personal electronic "Dance?" album. I have sampled most most all of the Kicks, snares, hats etc. to make up the percussion section off of vinyl and CDs. Some of this music is pseudo Hip-Hop, House and other forms of electrinica. I am using Pro-Tools Digi 001 with a Manley, Avalon pre and the full Waves plug-in package. My question is basically about Compression/ Lmiting. I am sequencing everything and dropping instruments in track by track to Pro-Tools. In order to get that punch and overall loudness for this type of music do I need to re-limit/compress all of the drums again? I bus all the drum tracks to a Stereo Fader and then aplly the Waves L1 Ultramaximizer. I set the limiter to reduce about 3-6 db of gain reduction on this track. Is it necessary, or damaging to the overall drum sounds to add this step after I have sampled these instruments off of already Mastered projects? I can't seem to get the overall loudness of the tracks to match up to professionaly finished projects unless I do this. I understand that Mastering will help out on the overall end sound and percieved loudness. But am I making a mistake in this process? Any advice is greatly appreciated.