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Pro Tools HD - How Does It Sound - Why Can't Julian Get

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21 years 3 months
I have been following threads all over the net regarding the new Pro Tools HD and over and over again Julian keeps asking, yes "But how does it sound?", but no one has given hI'm answer.

So Julian has anyone told you how it sounds yet? If so, could you let us all know. It is one the question I am trying to find out. Does it sound better than the Pro Tools 24?

Take care.

-Joe Kasko
Perfect Sound Stuidios
Bolingbrook, IL


Member for

21 years 3 months

Guest Thu, 01/17/2002 - 18:03
Few Digi employes know how it sounds!! It is that new!!! (And has been very secret)
Over the next few months we shall see reports emerging all over the net.. the first systems will be delivered next week I immagine.
From my point of view the initial (and it seems well recieved), upgrade offer is open for at least 3 months, so there will be PLENTY of time to hear back from pro's & newbies alike about the new PTHD.
George Massenburg is making an EQ for it..

BTW I think we should shift PT chats over to to PT forum run by Greg Malcangi here:

Dont be suprised if some PT related posts here get moved over there! (my idea) , Gregs our Recording.Org PT man! We should hang out over with him more, especialy this week!!!!!

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