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Pro Tools LE software with different hardware?

I run a PC with a lynx aes16 card and an aurora16 converter unit. I run nuendo. Can I run pro tools le software with my setup? or do you have to use their crappy hardware? I'm just looking for client compatibilty. you know, industry standard blah blah blah... any help would be appreciated!


Boswell Wed, 05/30/2007 - 02:29
ProTools will run only with Digidesign hardware. ProTools M-Powered runs with M-Audio hardware.

If you get a standard Digidesign interface or choose an M-Audio interface that has an ADAT input, you could put an ADAT card into the LSlot of the Aurora and get 8 channels (@44.1/48KHz) into PT that way. You may feel this is a downgrade from your existing setup. Such is the price of industry standards.

Boswell Wed, 05/30/2007 - 08:03
nandoph8 wrote: So no PT LE hardware supports even 96?
In the Alesis spec, the extended ADAT lightpipe format supports 8 channels at 44.1/48KHz and 4 channels at 88.2/96KHz. However, I'm not a PT expert, and don't know whether when using the Digidesign hardware (or appropriate M-Audio boxes like the FireWire 1814) PT can be configured to use the double-channel mode to give 96KHz in on 4 channels. I doubt that it can, but maybe a PT power user can give an opinion. Even if PT does, it wouldn't come close to utilising the full capabilities of your Aurora 16.

hueseph Wed, 04/27/2011 - 21:42
gdoubleyou, post: 369796 wrote: PTLE 9 allows the use of 3rd party interfaces, but you loose some features that are supported by Avid hardware.

Thank you for clearing that up for mr. Mathers. Can we call him the Beaver? Anyway, ProTools has been set free to iLok users who are willing to PAY for the software. As Luke Smith, pointed out, they ARE listening. They even have automatic delay compensation now.