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audiokid Sun, 10/27/2013 - 01:00

As much as I love Samplitude and Sequoia,

I'm pretty certain all DAW's are capable of this as Dan was trying to use this video to discredit OTB summing a few years ago over the endless "infinite" headroom Reaper/ modern DAW had. I got so tired of him pulling this righteous card out in every analog thread posted here (when we just wanted to discuss analog), I had to lock him down and toss the key away.

The cool thing is, if you are mixing OTB with high headroom systems, you can drive that track or stem(s) output OTB hotter than ITB (Master Bus) as both videos clearly demonstrate, it will overdrive to mass distortion. Times that by 48 tracks and its is pretty crammed at the Master Bus.
But in reality, all we have to do is lower the volume and even better, track lower in the first place so we don't have to start messing with the ITB faders.

Which backs up the beauty of high headroom hybrid mixing and summing, and how awesome DAW's are too. The two combined and the ability to know how to get around it all, astonishing.