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Mixing Tibetan Singing Bowls - Confusing Distortion

Hi all,

I'm helping to mix a meditative recording that consists mainly of bowed Tibetan singing bowls. Examples coming up momentarily...

The trouble we are having is that some of the deeper tones seem to pile up on one another to create apparent distortion. Thing is, I'm not sure if it really is "distortion", or just the natural way that certain frequencies interact with one another.

PreSonus Firestudio 2626 asymmetrical clipping distortion positive side -6dbfs, bad units on Ebay

I wanted to find out if anyone has had a simiar problem with PreSonus Firestudio 2626 asymmetrical clipping distortion issues. The positive side only of recorded waveforms clip at -6dbfs on some channels as can be seen and verified in my DAW(Sonar). I have two of these Firestudio 2626 units and one unit has the problem on every analog input channel and my second only has it on only one channel. It appears to be in the A/D conversion for the analog channels because the insert and aux analog outs do not have the asymmetrical ciipping as verified on oscilloscope.

Distortion with ST59

For a week now I've been getting this almost bit distortion (I guess you can say) on my voice recordings. Here's a sample of what I did today and it just sounds awful. It's already on -10db, I even did what the troubleshooting says by lowering the preamp, turning off phantom and then turning it all back on but nothing. And it's not that it's too loud because if I lower the volume or whatever it's still there.


It almost seems like it's because it's too loud but no matter how much I play with the levels it's there. I've had the mic since March of this year.

Alesis M1Active 520 - One speaker has distorted bass

Hello guys!

I've just bought a second hand pair of 520 Active and swapped a tweeter. Everything works fine except one thing: One of them has a clear,non distorted I've opened the box to replace the tweeter and arranged all the cables in such way the airflow is not affected.
Switched the inputs between them, same result
What do you think? Is the amp damaged?
I'll post a recording to show you exactly what I mean.
M1active - YouTube
As you can see, the first monitor has a higher gain setting than the other one, to reveal the difference