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Topics and comments around all sorts of sampling rates

32 bit integer for interface, useful?

The new Steinberg interface supports 32 bit integer recording. I am curious if this can be expected to be a bit improvement over 24 bit. Im an the market for a higher end interface to transfer a ton of old tapes and records, as well as record and mix new stuff. I wonder if its worth holding off until there are more interface options, and higher dynamic range numbers, in the realm of 32bit tracking.

Im also wondering if I'm confusing what a 32bit integer interface means, and the audio isn't actually tracked at 32bit.

Benefits / Features of 32 bit AD/DA

Hey, I've noticed a couple of the new interface units employing 32 bit adda comverters (RME Adi-2 pro, sound devices mix-6).

Just wondering if there were any benefits of any kind, and what the 32 vs. 24 bit depths means in an adda context in general.

From what little I could find it seems to be one of those things not directly audible. Either I'm curious since it seems the bit rates aren't going to go lower anytime soon.

Mastering engineer said 16 bit wav file will be too loud?

Ok im. confused...
My mastering engineer sent me a 16 bit wav file...I sent this to CDbaby for distribution. CD baby ask for a 16 bit wav file and no other format.
In conversation with the mastering engineer over Facebook chat.
He has said that i shouldn't of sent the 16 bit wav file out for digital release because it was meant for audio CD replication and will be too loud.

I'm really confused because i thought there was no difference in the 16 bit wav file whether it be for replication or to be converted/encoded by music stores to mp3?

Apogee Mic 96k or something else...what are my options?

Hi, I'm very interested in getting the Apogee 96k mic to use when using my new 128 g iPad mini, however I would like to know what other options are out there that may work for me. I've already got an Apogee One which has a guitar input as well as a XLR mic input which will allow me to use a non USB microphone with my iPad so I've been considering purchasing an audio technics AT 2035 as a more affordable option as well. I also have a ZOOM Q2HD handy cam with a nice built in mic and this little unit can be used as a USB mic for recording.


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