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A/D D/A converters 192,Apogee,Lynx Aurora?

I need eight more IOs for my PT HD rig. I currently have a Digidesign 192 that is connected to a Dangerous 2-Bus summing mixer. The summing mixer has eight additional inputs that I would like to utilize. I'm wandering if I should go for another 192, or go with Apogee, or Lynx Aurora. The top of my budget is around $3300. I just learned of Lynx Aurora yesterday and I'm particularily interested in how well they sound, and how well they work with Pro Tools. Please advise.



Kev Mon, 12/11/2006 - 12:41
I'd be interested in knowing more about the Lynx ... 8 or 16
ProTools|HD® port
and the
On-board Digital Mixer

a second 192i/o will be part of the ProTools PLL (phase lock loop)
where as I think the other two just have the word clock in

It would be nice to have some non-digi stuff that does intergrate correctly with PTHD
and perhaps allow for some non-digi options in the future

I am very interested in knowing more about the use of this with a PTHD system


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