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altec 1608a

I recently aquired an altec 1608a and was wondering if anyone had any information on this piece. I was hoping to use it as a mic pre... any info would be great



Kev Tue, 01/10/2006 - 13:36

you will find another thread here or at the other place about a small Altec Mic mixer.

The mod was to fit an output trafo to each channel as a direct out.

I think the other unit has an EQ section on it's output and the owner chose to use this section for just one of the Micpres.

... big leap of faith here
as I haven't seen your unit or schematic ...
4 channels of Mic-pre direct out with purchase of 4 trafos and a few OP connectors etc.
Convert 1 channel to drive the existing output only.

did I make a complete fool or myself ?
someone will chime in soon and tell us the 1608a is a passive mic mixer with a solid-state make-up amp and not a tube in sight.