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Apogee users...raise your hands

As your newly appointed Apogee tech ;) I'd like to see a show of hands to how many people use Apogee, what type of setup you have and your opinions and so forth. Or if you have used Apogee but dont own it whats your opinion anyways! Look forward to your responses


Jon Atack Sun, 11/18/2001 - 13:49
Hi Opus,

In my studio we have 4 x AD8000 and 1 x PSX100SE. I've happy with them, aside from the following:

1. Issues with lock-up to external WC which seem to have been resolved with the new generation of Ambus PT cards.

2. I wish AD8000s threw out less fan noise.

3. Wish list: approved longer PT cables between the AD8000s and the PT farms in the allow the AD8000s to be more easily installed in the control room while the Mac and drives are in the machine room.

4. I would hope that Apogee has a very reasonable upgrade to 96/192 planned for AD8000 owners.


Ang1970 Sun, 11/18/2001 - 17:08
(Dead Link Removed)

I use AD8k's on almost a daily basis. I cringe when I have to do a session with 888's.

AD8k's are not the last word in quality. I have experienced some like-priced converters that sound better, but don't have the benefit of the ambus direct intraveinous injection to Alsihad. That feature, among others, make the AD8k worth it for the convenience factor.

Now as for the price... there are some much lower priced converters out there that stack up very well to the AD8k quality-wise. Gotta work on the price guys, you ain't the only one on the block anymore.

I look forward to using the new 16out or in only boxes, and I hope the price is right.

Cheers! :)




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