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Hi guys, So I'm not new to music, but pretty new to home recording. I got myself an ART Pro Dual Pre USB Interface so that I could record vocals and guitar at the same time, but as different tracks. But when I hook it up to my laptop and record using the Edison recorder in Fruity Loops 8 it records it as one track. If I then play that track back through the headphone monitor on the Dual Pre it records the computer sound and my input all into one track... Any ideas on what I could check? I really want to be able to play back previously recorded tracks through the Dual Pre, and still record 2 separate tracks without recording the playback from the computer. Thanks in advance. Seb


Boswell Fri, 08/30/2013 - 05:18

The input headphone monitoring on the Dual Pre is indeed mono (playback is stereo), and the two inputs should record as two mono tracks. However, when you play them with default settings they will both be centred and sound as though they are one track. Note that if you are using Windows 7, the default input mode for standard audio devices is single-channel (mono), so you will need to adjust this to be dual channel (stereo). See [[url=http://[/URL]="http://artproaudio…"]this [/]="http://artproaudio…"]this [/]FAQ.

After checking that you have 2-channel recording, try panning one track hard left on replay and the other hard right to test if the tracks really are separate entities.

Boswell Wed, 01/21/2015 - 07:55

Do you mean that the new track that the computer records is a mix of the new backing vocals and the replayed pre-recorded tracks? That should not be possible with the way the signals are routed inside the Dual Pre. Which DAW software are you using now?

Does the position of the Monitor knob on the Dual Pre have any effect on this?

Just to be certain, you are recording via USB and not via the line level outputs?