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Just been using a Neve 1073 pair recently, I find, like on my Helios eq that boost seems to be the thing I go for instictivly..

I have heard that the same goes for the API range, twist in a boost and BAFF! Cool kick, snare & gtr sounds

Using a Foucusrite 215 however, leads me to cut frequencies.. (vocal 'honk' kick 'crok')

Why is this?

Or, perhaps a better question, is it that boost is where these units REALY shine?

Perhaps it is tha a nice boost, LEAVES BEHIND somewhat the frequencies you might like to cut..

Is the Magic of these vintage or classic pieces in the tones generated by EQ boost? And NOT cut?

Experienced users share your thoughts!


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miketholen Sat, 08/18/2001 - 05:31

no shit! :D
I use the helios mid boost ALOT! the midrange in the Helios stuff is like velvet.
the Neve stuff seems to do the same.
I know what you mean by cuting other freqs. while boosting. that's "the curve" that gives it it's "sound".It also has to do with the bell or Q of the EQ.
the API stuff seems to have this "velvet mid" thing as well but it is a bit on the "hard" side.
The Helios has a wonderful lo rolloff at 50Hz, in -.5 dB increments, very useful for getting rid of those looow freqs. with out completly lopping it all off.
all I could ever do with a focusrite is cut as well. the "sound" of those things is not inspiring. They hurt. ;)
nothing new does this stuff, that's why I'm such a vintage nazi!

Guest Tue, 08/28/2001 - 05:41

Cool responces so far!


So, like... on a tracking session, on a vintage Neve, do you guys find all the channels more in 'boost' mode than in 'cut'? Funny if that were to be the case, on an Amek board I was working on I did a lot of low mid cut in fact a standard mode of operation in my freelance engineer career at many many studios on a lot of boards. But I have worked on only a few 3 vintage Neve boards and not for long enough to get a long term view on 'the magic'.

I think within the answers to my question will lie the key to the much sought after "Neve sound secret".

Either way I welcome info as usual as I have bought a pair.

Please continue to chip in.