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digital recorders

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Not sure if this thread has come up, but I figured this was the place to look. I don't do much recording by myself other than demos, but I'm looking to upgrade to the 21st century (yes, I'm still using an old cassette 4track), and thinking a digital SIAB.

I was looking at the Korg D1200 and 1600, as well as the Yamaha AW16G (from reputation, these came to mind).

Anyoneout there with any experience on these machines, or any other suggestions. Again, this is mostly for demo work. I do want to go 24 bit so I can trade off tracks with others while creating.



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MisterBlue Sun, 12/28/2003 - 08:20
A friend of mine has a D1600. It's a very convenient piece, it's got a lot of features and it serves the purpose of preserving an idea on the fly. On the downside the sound quality is IMHO rather disappointing - given that it is uncompresssed 16/44kHz or even better (I am comparing it to my DAW in my studio). Not even remotely in the same league.

It might be exactly what you are looking for, just don't expect to produce anything more than quick demos with it.

Just my opinion, but I hope this is nevertheless useful,


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Warhead Sun, 12/28/2003 - 19:01
Mac or PC based stuff would be better bang for the won't have to cure OS problems and lots of other nice issues when making your music. That's where those standalone units come out ahead.

I know a guy who is real happy with his 12 track Akai and has made some decent recordings with it.


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Pro Audio Guest Mon, 12/29/2003 - 15:31
I'm in the process of migrating from a Roland VS1880. I've never used other all in one boxes but my opinion of the Roland's is that they're excellent machines for demo type recordings. They're self contained, portable and sound reasonably good on their own. With quality outboard preamps, they sound even better.

My two pence of course. :D

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jonyoung Wed, 12/31/2003 - 07:24
Do you have any type of small console available? I'm using a Mackie SDR 2496 and love it. I have firewire set up to fly tracks to Sonar for mixing. There are rumblings that the SDR is going out of production (even though it won the TEC award for digital storage device this year) and are coming down in price, under $1k. If you want an all in one box, I've heard great stuff done on the of Dar Williams releases was done on a VS1680, mixed at a sportsbar on headphones, no less!