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We do a range of specialist CDs that are sold via our website, but we've just put a couple on amazon to try it out. However, because of the specialist nature we make samples available so people know what they are buying. Going through Amazon's hoops took a while, but we now have a subscription, and then discover that the only way to have one of the pages where there are samples available is to use an external provider - I assumed wrongly that the help page on Amazon seller central, detailing how you can incorporate images and other useful html was correct. It seems that they have removed the ability to insert html links or external images, making the help page a bit useless. We've looked at some of the suggested digital partners and again, there are fees to pay - not too bad - but there is no information on exactly how much we get paid for a 99p download per track, and the samples seem to be only available if you also make the full tracks downloadable.

I've tried a few tricks I found on the net to get the links in the description section to work, but it looks like Amazon have closed the loopholes. We're selling a few CDs from the initial couple we listed, but from our own site we know that the samples are really important.

We've contacted Amazon multiple times explaining what we want, and they seem incapable of understanding what we are asking - we get emails saying "We understand you wish to offer downloads . " and then suggest one of the partners, but they don't do just samples - they want you to use them for paid downloading.

Does anyone know a way of making this work. As we host our own downloading service, it seems crazy to pay somebody else to do the same thing.

We have found other similar sellers who seem to offer the physical CD like us, but also have very common sample pages (from the Amazon partners) If anyone knows a way to just include a clickable link in the Amazon listing, this would solve the entire problem - as I could easily add a page to our website looking very similar to the Amazon one, but offering samples, and then a link back to Amazon too buy it!

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