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Favorite PC Synths

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I've been "bi-platform" for awhile here. Mainly a Mac guy but there are some really nice application for the PC as well.

Mine has to be the http://www.d-lusion…"]D-Lusion Rubber Duck[/]="http://www.d-lusion…"]D-Lusion Rubber Duck[/]. The SOUND that comes out of it is "GIGANTIC AND TREMENDOUS"*

So, what software synths do y'all find to be to your liking?

*a phrase I once saw on the nameplate of an incredibly expensive looking Yamaha Turntable.


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Pro Audio Guest Sun, 08/12/2001 - 00:49

For experimental sound design try this baby:
I loved it on first sight and have now risen to the status of a beta-tester.
It is a vapor synthesizer (grains'n'clouds) with really cool features such as a sample player, realtime 3D viewer of your sound, live input, a VST plug etc.
And its cheap.