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I recorded a few times with the RODE NT1A and was very disappointed, even going through both UA's LA 610 and Solo 610, Great River ME-1NV and Summit 2BA-221.

I just unpacked it today, let it warm up and recorded it on a test that I did with the RODE and A/B'd them.


Huge improvement in clarity, punch, more gain before distortion, flat response, clearer more air in the highs. It was warm and nice, no harshness or boominess and I did not use any EQ, in fact I doubt I will need any, it is totally simpathic to my voice although once recorded with other tacks and compressed who knows.

I would say the money spent is worth every penny.

Hopefully I will be done with this recording I'm procrastinating on and do some stuff with the MA 200 ASAP very soon.

I did a lot of research and the 5840 tube and Jensen transformers are what sold me.


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