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Mojave Audio Inc. was launched in 2005 to bring David Royer's condenser mic designs to the world. Very few companies (and none in Mojave’s price range) invest so much in the audio components. The high-quality Jensen transformers alone cost more than many import mics. The NOS tubes are military spec. The FET’s are top quality and the resistors are custom made. At Mojave, it’s a given that no sacrifices are made in the critical signal path electronics.

Apple Mojave - and Cubase doing a strange thing?

I upgraded to Mojave on my MacBook, and the first time I used Cubase it came up with some questions. Cubase wants to access your microphone? Yes/No, which makes sense, it asked my about another process I OK'd then it said "Cubase wants to access your contacts" - which I thought about and said no to. Anyone know why on earth Cubase would even want to access my contacts for?