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Hello. I have a small project studio and usually i don't have any mastering on my projects mix - i know very pro gear are needed for that. The only operation i like doing is to insert a SPL Vitalizer in the main out channel of my Mackie 32-8 mixer, so that the mix sound is like... sweatened and rounded.
However, on many occasions, i felt missing an EQ module, so as to do some fine-tuning adjustments to my mixdowns. I know that the most known module is the Massive Passive, which has an unaffordable price for me; i also don't like EQ "in the box" (i use Cubase sx), as my mixer's channel EQ is doing the job 1000 times better and more musically than that !
Does anybody has in mind any EQ gear with similar attitude and scope of the Massive Passive but at a low budget price?


Cucco Sun, 05/27/2007 - 11:27

I'm with Sheet on this one.

The BBE box isn't even really an EQ, it certainly isn't anywhere close to the MP, I don't even care about price! (Even if the MP were only $300 and the BBE were the same, yikes...The BBE is a piece of sh*t. I really don't know anyone who uses it for recording unless they don't know how to capture the sound right to begin with.)

I know you say you want to stay out of the box, but the bad news is - a good EQ is hard to develop and requires a LOT of good hardware. An external EQ costing less than $1000 per channel is likely to be a compromise.

However, the EQs available in the UAD bundles are amazing. The Pultec Pro is one of my favorite and, IMO, most musical EQs available. The mastering EQ is dead on accurate and very smooth.

For a thousand bucks, you would get about 12-16 very nice channels of EQ (depending upon your CPU) or a couple SERIOUSLY awesome bus equalizers (not to mention some very nice compression as well!)

Cheers -


sheet Sun, 05/27/2007 - 13:53

You aren't going to find any software that resembles the sound of the Massive Passive.

The URS stuff is all about color in a broad way. Those are patterned after Neves, APIs, etc. You wouldn't use those for mastering. I assume that you are talking about mastering based on the topic, so I would look at Massenberg, Sony, Waves, etc. None of these are cheap.

anonymous Sun, 05/27/2007 - 18:38

well look i just posted on my site a little sound test of a Manley massive passive Eq Mastered Verison and a Home Mastering version. Now i did this just to show you that yes the manley sounds very good but i paid 1500 bucks and a trip to new york to get it if you want to just spend all that on your music great thats the way to go. but if your on a budget its not too far off where you want to be.
check it out for your self i even have video to prove i was there. thanks guys

bwmac Sun, 05/27/2007 - 22:31

I don't beleave there are only two options

I don't believe there are only two options,
but I only hear you guys talking about the Manley massive passive Eq, and the BBE sonic maximizer.
I guess Cucco did mention the UAD bundles.

I use all 64 bit soft ware for the recording as I mix on the monitor(PC)
(sonar-6 64bit PE, sound forge 8, wave bundle, t-racks, sonitus fx, and on and on) heres some links
Link removed :-?
Link removed
Link removed

EQ, reverb, compressors, tape analog processors on each track till its right.
smooth them all out
then put mastering soft ware (eq, more verb, compression/limiting, positioning or stereo width) in the main bus to enhance the mix.
I export the 24 bit wave to the desk top and grab it with t-rack24 to check the stereo enhancement and final Eq and level.

Now I am definitely no pro, not even close, and I like to play, but its not hard to sound better then some of the stuff i hear on the shelf, and (some) of mine does; with out a Over priced tube EQ :roll:

use t-racks

anonymous Sat, 06/02/2007 - 03:48

so...Thanks to all suggestions, in the end i realize that, if i want to have a decent and really controllable EQ, i must be ready to spend some money, say, from 1000 Euro upwards. The UAD is a good suggestion, as it includes the virtual edition of all most famous UA compressors too.
in the meanwhile, i'll keep going on using my Mackie 32-8 channel strips... the serve well if you know how to squeeze them!


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