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Passive Monitor Controller- Take 2

Some time ago, I sold my Crane Song Avocet (which was awesome). I was doing less and less music work and more and more electronics, so it was time to simplify. I built a very simple completely passive monitor controller with just the bare minimum features. It was just for me, so it was not pretty but functional. It has a stepped attenuator, polarity, L& R mutes and Mono.

Using passive speakers with a non-powered Mixer

I am trying to use passive speakers as monitors. (I don't have anymore powered speakers). Would it be okay to plug passive speakers into a powered mixer and plug that powered mixer into the monitor out of a non-powered mixer. I already have 2 powered speakers for my 2 main speakers.

Powered mixer - Pyle PMX840BT
Non powered mixer - Mackie profx16v2


Find Crossover Frequency of Passive Speakers

I have my Emu 1820M optical output going into an Onkyo TX-SR500 reciever,
out to two Sony SS-B3000 3-Way bookshelf speakers.
1" tweeter, 3" midrange, 8" woofer
The crossover is not specified in specs.
Also, Sony support says they don't have the info.
There are options that need to be selected, such as Optical In 1, of course.
But also select number of speakers/configuration (2 speaker stereo)

Cathedral Pipes Micro-Amp for Passive Mics

From Cathedral Pipes, the Durham Micro Amp Buffer, designed to add up to an additional 25db of clean, transparent gain for all passive microphones.
It uses typical 48v Phantom Power - found on most mic preamps - to add more db to low-output passive mics, which often require ramped-up gain levels to work at their optimum, and that many lower end preamps don't usually have available.

ITB vs. passive summing OTB

pluses and minuses?

i pretty much get what's good about itb, . but what are the drawbacks of passive summing networks ... ? why is passive summing not a good thing?

and while i'm asking, when doing ITB are you printing back into the same machine or are you doing a d/a - a/d to another recorder. if it's the second choice then what are you recording to? CDR? a second daw? how about a hi def stand alone thingie?

Classic PULTEC PASSIVE EQS with API 2520 makeup gain stage

Particularity on the Pulse Techniques EQP 1A3 . Not interested in other clones.
I'm addicted to Pultec's this month and want to know how sweet the high end is on the SS compared to the tube version?

I know you are looking for opinions on these or have some if you are here.

I have 2 MEQ-5's tubes and love them. I use them together with the Millennia NSEQ-4. The high end on the NSEQ is crazy sweet, it is SS.
This takes care of the master bus sweetness while the MEQ's take care of mids.

Using room acoustics/eq to increase headroom on passive mains (urei 813c's)

i was talking to a dude about these speakers the urei 813c's.


he was saying that when he had them paired w/ a mcintosh 2500 power amp, that he did something (forget what he said) to the amp's transformer, or something that allowed that amp to push all it's wattage as opposed to just the 500 per channel it does unmodified.