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Ive been on here a few times asking micro questions re this mobo and that processor. And despite input and response ive only confused myself more.
Ive just sold my AKAI DR16 and some other bits. Ive got a £1000 to spend.
I already own a PreSonus Firebox and I'm very comfortable with Tracktion software. I was keen on the new intel imacs but I'm given to believe they dont run non native software well yet.
It also appears that Pentium systems run Tracktion better than AMD. So I'm opting for Pentium.
I rerquire 20 audio tracks with plenty of fx and final mastering. Im a guitarist working drum loops a roland guitar synth a pod and a bass, so won't be needing many soft instruments. Tho its possible id get Drumcore at some stage.

What company offers the best systems for this sort of cash?

My main concerns are firewire issues with mobos and future core 2 duo compatability.
Is it possible id be better off dumping the Firebox for a machine with a built in interface like Carillion?
They appear to be poor value for money however.
I dont know enough to self build but i know enough to be absolutely s**t scared of getting it wrong.
I'd like some solid suggestions of basic combinations to look for.


RemyRAD Sun, 08/20/2006 - 21:35
OK, I think some of your concerns are unfounded? You obviously already own a computer with a FireWire port and running Mackie software. You are not quite being clear in your specifications? You indicate you need 20 audio tracks. Do you need to record 20 simultaneous inputs/tracks at one time? Or does your computer need to be able play/mix 20 previously recorded tracks? Are you interested in a desktop or laptop?

My recommendations would be most any midrange Intel DuoCore laptop with Windows XP Pro and an external FireWire based audio interface as you now own, if you don't require more than 2 inputs at a time. If you need 8 or more simultaneous inputs then the Presonus Fire pod and a fair capacity external hard disk drive should be more than capable of manipulating and/or recording quite a bit more than 20 audio tracks.

I am personally starting to shop for a new laptop for myself and am looking at major brands such as Sony, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, et al. I hesitate to go with offbrands as in the end they are generally not bargains. With my above recommendations, I don't think you can go wrong.

Laptop looker
Ms. Remy Ann David