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Newbie ADAT Question

I want to transfer my ADAT recorded tapes to my pc. Then I will mix using cakewalk or some other pc based mixing software. I am thinking of using the EMU 1212 which has an ADAT in out card. Will I be able to move the files over and store them on the hard drive? If so what types of files are they saved as? Wave Files? Do I need to keep my ADAT hooked up to the pc or will I have clock issues? Please help.


Boswell Tue, 09/26/2006 - 13:34

Just play the ADAT and feed the lightpipe output into your PC interface card in real time. Use almost any multi-track audio processing software to record the tracks. Kristal is free and works well for this. Save the tracks to disc in whatever format you want. Make sure you set the interface card clock to external.




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