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Newbie Qs on Monitoring Overdubs and Choice of Audio Interface

I am getting ready to buy my first audio interface. With no digital recording experience, I need some advice on monitoring overdubs. I had been looking at the Focusrite Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt audio interface (connected to my HP Spectre x360 with Thunderbolt 3) because it has especially low latency in hopes that I would be able to monitor my live overdub tracks via the DAW. However, Focusrite Tech Support suggested I get the USB version of the Clarett instead because there are problems with the Thunderbolt implementation on some Windows machines.

Complete newbie trying to "master"...

I recently picked up a PreSonus 1818VSL and got back into the recording game. I haven't done anything with my stuff in over 10 years. I used to use SONAR and had fairly decent results. My recordings are pretty close to what things sound like live but whenever I mix something down, it always sounds thin and quiet when compared to an "actual" recording from a decent studio.

Newbie Alert! Have a computer, a sizable budget, and...

Hi all! This is an incredible website, and I feel lucky to have found it. I've been lurking around on and off for a few months, reading dozens of threads, and trying to learn what I can. I've read more "Here's my situation and what mic setup should I use?" questions than anything else, because that's my question too. But I need help, and so it's time for me to post.

A sort of newbie question

I know this may be a beginners question but I am fairly new to recording so I bare no shame lol. I was talkin to the support people for my interface (Focusrite scarlett solo) and the guy told me in order to plug my amp into my interface I needed to use either line out left or line out right. I had to make sure my interface was on line instead of instrument, plug the guitar amp into my interface and then my guitar into the amp. I did this and it wouldnt record and I could hear myself outta the amp instead of thru the headphones plugged into my interface.

Newbie RAM questions

Sorry to have to ask these but I see slightly varying opinions on #1.

1. With a ddr4 2133mhz stock ram, would I see any improvement in performance with say 2400, 3000, etc? Is this determined by the motherboard? what about when overclocking, even if the max the computer can handle is 2133mhz. (Still trying to verify if 2133 is the max my cpu can take with manufacturer)

2. Does small differences in latencies make a noticeable difference. If so where in particular, if not in general.

3. What does the number after PC4 signify?Ie PC4 1700.

Total newbie - Need to send 2 mic signals to 1 mixer channel

Hey guys, question on sending 2 signals into one channel and how to do it, (if possible.)

I work with a front ensemble percussion unit for a high school marching band. I have 3 marimbas and 2 vibraphones this year, and will probably have 4 marimbas and 3 vibraphones next year. In a perfect world, each marimba would have 2 mics on it, (one for the low end and one for the high end,) and the vibes would have one each. With the other instruments we mic for the band/inputs for keyboard and synth, we're running out of channels fast.

Newbie here...I define Newbie...LOL

Hey ya'll I am new to learning how to record with my computer. I have a PreSonus Firebox, the downloaded Cubase LE program, also Audacity, a few mics, an Alesis iRig program with usb cable for my bass, and also a cool recorder called a Boss BR600. I also have a 3 tb portable hard drive. I am at a total loss on how to make the interface work, latency issues, terminology, etc. I don't have a great deal of budget to work with. Is there a free website that offers a starter course for a guy like me? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Newbie Control Room Acoustic Treatment help

Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca and I'm writing from Italy.
I turned a basement into a recording studio, but I need a hand to the acoustic treatment.
Floor, ceiling and walls are covered with wood. Under the wood there is a layer of lead, polystyrene and moisture resistant material.
The dimensions are:
Length: 4m
Width: 2.56mt
Height: 2.7 meters
I would like to build all by myself (DIY) with a budget of EUR 800

Help a Newbie to Record Acoustic Guitar and Vocals at the Same Time

I am new to recording. I recently bought a Steinberg UR22 as the interface with the bundled Cubase AI 6. I have a RODE NT1A, a SM-57 and a SM58.

I am totally new to recording but I've read a few things online. I am wondering if someone can tell me what effects (for Cubase plugins), I will need for basic acoustic guitar and vocals? Reverb I know for sure but what else would I need? Compressor?



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