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Piezo Pickup Problems

Hey guys,
My friend has a very nice Taylor 800 series accoustic-electric with a Fishman Blender. For a long time the piezo amplified the middle 4 strings more than the 2 E strings. He bought a new saddle recently and installed it and now the 2 center strings (G and D) are very noticably less amplified than the outer 4. The condenser mounted on the inside is turned down all the way, so thats out of the equation.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Is this a faulty pickup?

Thanks in advance,

Shannon Adkins


moonbaby Sun, 06/10/2007 - 11:28
Who installed the saddle? Typically, this is an issue where the saddle is not properly levelled to sit in the channel correctly. One of my bandmates is a Taylor warranty service provider. He complains that the saddles are not very 'true' along their base when he gets them and that they have to be very carefully filed down to 'seat' in their channel in the bridge. Wherever there is less than solid contact between the saddle and the bridge, there will be volume discrepancies. Your friend should take the guitar to a qualified tech and have him/her correct this.