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Sound Devices 722 Line Level inputs for External Pres?

I have a questions concerning Sound Devices 722. Apologies if this reveals an appallingly low level of technical knowledge.

Sometimes I use the analog inputs on the 722 line level with an external pre suich as the DAV BG 1 (yes it is a terrific pre, no doubt about it).

To what extent will the external pre be "coloured" by the 722 when used line at level?



ghellquist Tue, 03/20/2007 - 01:25
The main influence is from the AD converter in the 722. As things goes this, to my ears at least, is a good converter. It has no really nasty habits or colourings. Of course a Lavry Blue is better but that is to be expected.

I use the 722 and its built-in preamps as my 2-channel remote rig. With a good mic in the right position I cannot say that the equipment generally is the limiting factor for the sound. Using the DAV does improve things with a little "larger"sound but the difference to my ears is not really that large. Gunnar

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/20/2007 - 01:32
Thanks for the helpful comments.

Yes, the 722 is a rock solid machine alright with surprisingly good sound even compared to some of its bigger brethren.

I am going to run some comparison tests tonight myself to see what difference the DAV really makes as an outboard pre. Gunnar, It does not surprise me that you say that the DAV has a bigger sound. Its big sound stage is part of its personality as a pre. I suppose the 722 is optimised for a more closed sound quite specifically given its primary intended function.

I suppose the best way of getting "more" DAV and less 722 is to turn the line level down to -6db?