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Never got into consoles, always used rack pres, but since I am now getting into the idea of tape, I was thinking about picking one up I found for 350. Question is, where would you rate the pre's on this, and would you ever consider using this to sum?



Davedog Wed, 11/30/2011 - 20:58

I've used a Soundtracs console for a limited amount of time. It wasnt that one .....however, theres no strict formula on what works well and what doesnt for an extraordinary amount of things related to this business. You may find that summing back through this board gives you a sound that you cant live without.

But you wont really know till you try it.

Thats not a lot of cash to find something out provided its in good condition.

As far as tape....If I was you I would seriously look into finding a Tascam MS16 1" 16 track machine. They were bulldozer strength build quality, easy to maintain and sound surprisingly good. I had one of those and also a 5050. While I do like the 5050 sound, there was always something about that particular Tascam. Plus they're a bargain these days. Of course the Ampex or a Scully is the real ticket but the MS16 was a darn good machine.

It took saturation levels really well and always printed really true with very very little crosstalk. I will say that the edge tracks had a decent amount of body and no fading or missing dynamics like some 'other' mid-level tape machines of the era had.

audiokid Wed, 11/30/2011 - 21:05

I used a Soundtracs years back as a loaner when my Yamaha had a problem. It sounded pretty nice, eq's were nice but it was ugly if i recall and a bit noisy. Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on an older console unless it was completely rebuilt.. I don't think you will be ahead at all at this spec. If you are going to be sending out stems, get something that has killer headroom. I'd go for smaller and mightier rather than larger and noisier too.

The Folcrom doesn't inspire you eh? Why lock yourself into a console that is going to limit you? I sort of feel those days have passed. I loved the traditional old days, I miss them but I think there are better methods now.