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stand height and stand recommendations

this is something I am unclear of...what is a good rule of thumb in terms of how high to raise the mics up.?I have some bogen stands that are 13ft, but have no idea if that is adequate..(I do mainly symphonies and choirs) I see a lot of pictures with mics elevated WAAAAAY above the orchestra. this is one area I am ignorant in. also..I want to get a couple more stands...recommendations? I do organ gigs a lot too.



Thomas W. Bethel Mon, 02/27/2006 - 07:55
The old rule of thumb was as high as they are far back but like anything with microphones you have to use your ears and adjust them. Sometimes in certain venues we have the microphones up high and in some cases just above the conductors head. We are normally use the Decca Tree setup. With solo organ we try and be at the middle of the pipes. With organ and symphony we try for a balance on pieces like Thus Spoke Tharathustra but sometimes it is a visual thing especially if the concert is being recorded for TV.