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Does anyone on here know how the Millennia TD-1 compares to the UA Solo 610? I will be mainly using the DI for bass and guitars and maybe vocals through the pre.

My current setup is a Focusrite Liquid Channel, UA Solo 610 and Focusrite ISA One digital. I have been using either the Liquid Channel or UA Solo 610 as my vocal pre and the ISA One for guitars. I use the Solo 610 for bass.

I like the Liquid Channel for it's flexibility and different tones that can be achieved. I also like having the option of tracking through a compressor when I want and having decent A/D conversion. The ISA One digital is a great swiss army knife type pre and has two channels of decent A/D conversion. I have my UA 610 plugged into the line input of the ISA One so I can take advantage of the higher quality conversion.

As I mentioned I use the Solo 610 mainly for bass and some vocals but have heard great things about the TD-1 for bass?

Which would give the best results for bass? Which would best compliment my Liquid Channel and ISA One digital? Would it be a good move to replace my Solo 610 for the TD-1?



RemyRAD Sat, 04/07/2012 - 10:13

Perhaps a little description of what kind of music you are recording would help us to give you some advice? Otherwise... the following may help to clear your mind or clear your sound or maybe just the opposite?

The Millennia is so far removed from the UA 610, you're asking about the difference between apples and oranges in its sonic signature. The Millennia is considered to be extremely sonically transparent. Whereas, the UA 610 is loaded with calories, fat and color and is the epitome of old-school versus new school. So we can't tell you which hand to wipe yourself with?

I don't like any of this new crap.
Mx. Remy Ann David

dickiefunk Sat, 04/07/2012 - 11:55

Thanks for the reply. I record a wide range of styles of music from Jazz; Trio to Bigband, Rock; Sparse Acoustic to Medium Hard, Gospel; Small Band to Full Choir, Funk; Organ Trio to 11 piece Tower Of Power.

I guess my question is if going for something like the Millennia TD-1 is simply a different tone or better since it costs pretty much double the price of the 610?

RemyRAD Sat, 04/07/2012 - 16:23

I'd still go for the 610 if I were you but I'm not. It has a tone and a thickness that the Millennia I feel lacks. The Millennia is that esoteric reference style, almost instrumentation style preamp. The 610 made lots of rock 'n roll, funk, gospel famous. And I love the Tower Of Power since I like to do the Oakland Stroke, yeah. Plus I've got all of this Detroit in my blood. And this was that Bill Putnam design that made so many people famous. So don't waste your money. I mean it's not a waste if that's the sound that you want, that technical purity, transparent, blah blah. I like a preamp with balls and that's got more than its share.

I only do API & Neve, Altec Lansing 1367 and I'm happy.
Mx. Remy Ann David

dickiefunk Sun, 04/08/2012 - 00:48

Thanks Remy. I noticed that the TD-1 can do solid state or tube on the DI so am wondering if I could get the best of both worlds with it? Maybe the tube di output of the TD-1 is still very clean compared to the TD-1?
I've read a few top engineers claiming that the TD-1 is the very best bass di but then I guess personal taste can differ!?

moonbaby Sun, 04/08/2012 - 02:54

I used the TD-1 when it first came out, and I still have my Solo 610. I know this sounds a bit weird, but the TD-1 PISSED me off!! All of those little knobs and switches scrunched together on the side of that compact box, with hard-to-read nomenclature. I used it for live remotes, up on the stage, for bass/keys/guitar (depending on the type of band). YOU try to read that little panel in a dimly-lit setting...Uggh! For that, it was overkill. I did like it with a 4047 on honey-voiced chickies in big band ensembles, usually on the SS side, but I kept looking at it and asking myself, "How much did you pay for that thing?". I sold it to get a new set of sidedrafts for my TR-6...that thing pissed me off, they're both gone!
Remy hit the nail on the head, the TD-1 is very high build quality, and Millennia makes some nice preamps for precision recording of classical performances, etc.
I have lusted for The Origin after hearing some VO's I did that were recorded through it. But for bass in a horn band? My nickname for the Solo is "The Fat Bastard".
There's nothing in the world like bangin' a honey-voiced chickie on the fender of a TR-6 idling at 1200...with a plug wire pulled!!!! Trust me on that one.