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Upgrading my computer

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Hey everyone!
I were wondering whats the best thing would be for my computer when I record and mix audio!
Shall I buy a better processor or more RAM or a faster HDD with memory?

I use right now a: 1700 P4 Celeron, 256 DDR, Maxtor Diamondmax Plus9-FDB 120GB 7200RPM
I have a Delta 66 soundcard..

I always get "System overload" when I record or using realtime plugis. .

PS Hi Bill and merry chrismas, how does it go with the album DS

Would be cool if we could post a song for critque :)

Have a nice day all!


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audiowkstation Thu, 12/26/2002 - 14:01
Jes, the computer has plenty of power you have.

Go here and ask the question. OPUS can show you the problem.

I POSTED your situation there for you. Stand by for an answer or answers.

(Dead Link Removed)

Report this to OPUS2000 and he will guide you on the tweaks to ramp up the performance so much.

Album is coming along strong. I do have 2 bad CD's on my side so I have to get guitars replaced on 2 songs. No problem. Feb 1st it is done.

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audiowkstation Thu, 12/26/2002 - 17:39
It was not AzzXaA studio but it was another and I had the only archives of a project and yes that was all done good and fast.

Everyone, leep safty backups at a different place than studio....your closit is a good place in your bedroom!

Matter of fact, that studio did not loose any archives but lost a console and control room, a main studio and all the wires and amps. The microphones did not get burned either!

Not a total loss but a large one.

AzzXaA studio had no fire...except the fine musicians at ONE MOTION is ON FIRE with their hits!!

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Pro Audio Guest Sun, 12/29/2002 - 00:14
If I had your system, I would get more ram (atleast 512 or more)and if the HDD you listed is not separated from your OS and apps, then I would get another one for that (audio). The combination of the two will give you more over head when you record and mix audio, especially if you are using high sampling rates such as 88.2, 96k, 192k, etc. If you still get a system overload, check your settings of your DAW and if everything is good, then that's when you'll know that's its time to upgrade your CPU. But I seriously doubt that will be necesary unless you are going to be working with large amounts of tracks with alot of real-time effects.