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Wireless IEM Question

I'm running sound for a band in a few weeks that just got a Shure PSM-200 wireless IEM system and I was wondering how to set this up. I have a Yamaha MG166cx mixer and normally run floor monitors through Aux 1.



IIRs Sun, 04/05/2009 - 01:33
Various possibilities...

Option 1: ignore the second input and just create a mix from a single auxiliary. This means the singer can't adjust their own balance, but some singers would rather just ask the sound man to do that anyway.

Option 2a: use two auxiliaries patched to both inputs. Send the vocal to one of them, and a full mix of everything else to the other.

Option 2b: same as above, but use a direct out for the vocal instead of an aux.

Option 3: if the "Transmixer" has mic pre-amps you could y-split the singers mic to one of the inputs, and run an aux send to the other.




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