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Hello :-) so I'm recording the vocals for my song and I noticed some clipping on loud parts. The strange thing here is that when I solo the vocal track the clipping is gone, completely nonexistent. And it doesn't look red on the waveform. But when the piano is unmute it, the clipping is audibly present, but no red Signal. You can clearly hear this in these example, the first link is the vocal track with solo on. The second is the one with the piano, where the vocal apparently clips. https://drive.googl… https://drive.googl… I honestly don't know why this is happening, if the instrumental and vocal are interfering with each other or is there something else going on… Can you please help me? I'd really appreciate some knowledge because I honestly have no clue Why this happens Thank you so much again☺️

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DonnyThompson Fri, 05/05/2017 - 14:48

More info needed:

Audio interface make and model?
DAW platform?
Are you using any VST's (compressor, limiter)on either track, or on your master stereo buss?
Is it clipping through your monitors, your headphones or both?
When you hear the signal clip, what is the meter db level at both the track level and the master bus?
Are either tracks being routed to the same subgroup bus?
Are you using any effects anywhere?
What level are you tracking at (db)?