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Studio Recording Mic Choice Help

Hello everyone, I am currently at university studying sound engineering and am conducting some research on microphone choice in the industry. I am calling on anyone with studio recording experience to complete this short questionnaire (~15 minutes) giving your 2 cents on which microphone you would use in specific music recording situations.

Thinking of switching to Reaper

I'm strongly considering switching to Reaper as my main daw. While I've dabbled with samplitude and do like it, I'm finding there's some things I don't like. It's upgrade price is rather steep and seems to rarely include major updates. It's hybrid audio engine is a bit limited relative to others if I'm understanding their operation correctly.

Creating a larger drum sound. How did I do?

Hey All,

This is my latest composition that I recorded over the last week. As usual, I mixed it on headphones.

In contrast to some of my earlier recordings, I though I'd try out a different drum kit (courtesy of EZDrummer) and tried to sharpen my programming skills. I quite like the sounds -- seems quite 'live' but would be interested to hear what other people think.

From Focusrite Voicemaster to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?


Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to connect my Focusrite Voicemaster to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone for recording. The connection goes like this:

Microphone -> Focusrite -> Focusrite Headphone out TRS cable -> TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter -> TRRS to USB-C Adaptor -> Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Recording Soundtracks Quickly

I've made a significant business shift going all in on video work.  As I have talked about before soundtracks are very important for video.  

For the last year and a half all of the custom sound tracks I've made have been ITB programmed with midi with additional guitars using amp sims, mixed on ear buds.  


Noisy Power!

I've had noisy power in my home studio. It hasn't been much of a noticeable problem with my recording equipment but I hear the noise in my guitar amps and monitor speakers. I purchased a Furman power conditioner and that doesn't help. Could it be a ground issue? If so, what can I do about it? Thanks in advance for your help!


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